Beyond Fear


Many people are starting families, businesses, new jobs, pursuing dreams and passions, others are dying of disease, addiction, accidents, lives long lived. Some of us have found love and purpose, are raising children, and are sharing the word and gift of God–
but loss, it seems, spares no one, not the bravest, or the holiest, not the happiest nor the most successful.

At anytime death will happen and it always makes you feel down to your bones, your breath, your heart and it makes you thankful for them no matter how labored, bruised, and broken they are– they are and some are not.

If you are anything like me, you keep waiting for the right moment, the right time, more money, more support from friends and family, or an opportunity that will, finally, change your life situation. We are waiting for the ‘go ahead’ to get on with living out our dreams.

And all the while we are waiting, we are missing a million chances to live.

It will never happen exactly the way we want it to, our lives will never unfold the way we plan. And we must stop believing that they can. We have to stop holding ourselves hostage to those very narrow, unrealistic expectations that prevent us from discovering what is out there beyond the limits of our fear. We are the only ones who can give ourselves the ‘go ahead’ we desire to start living our lives in the way we have always wanted to.

‘The way we want to live our life is the way we are meant to live our life.’

I have felt so stuck, lately. In my life, in my ways. Every step is made with caution, so much so, I’m not moving much at all anymore.

But I know this, there is a gift for me, for all of us. And it waits, to reveal itself in the very moment we come to meet the edge of our darkness.

So, I have to give it all up. I have to start all over again. We all can benefit from moving with less fear and worry, and instead more trust and faith that beyond the darkness there is something that makes going through it, worth it.

And perhaps, there is something truly magnificent rising in me and in you too, that only a bit of darkness can birth.



2 thoughts on “Beyond Fear

  1. Death, addiction, loss.. humbles us to a point that makes us appreciate what really matters in, love, health, true friends….the fear we need to power through, although not easy sometimes. And the waiting for the right time…the time is now. I want to get you that book I told you about “Daring Greatly” by Brene’ Brown. xoxoxo

    • So true! That is exactly how I feel, very humbled. You inspire me so much Michelle, it’s so amazing to see all your hard work come to fruition. I’m going to see if maybe the library has that book, I’d love to read it!

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