cropped-picsart_13837653277212.jpgI’m just your average attachment parenting, baby wearing, breast-feeding, vegan Mumma. The kind that likes to bump Jay-z in the car, on the way to Whole Foods.
I read Paul Ferrini and Eckhart Tolle like the bible, in attempts to be a little less judgmental and a little less of a control freak, among other things.
But I admit, I can not for the God damn life of me, get rid of my urge to tell the woman in line at the grocery store that she probably shouldn’t be buying that 24 pack of diet soda, along with her double stuffed Oreos and zebra cakes.
Luckily, I don’t.
On days my baby girl allows it, I’m usually in a yoga class or the self-help aisle at Barnes and Noble or up, late at night, researching non-toxic toys.
I’m many things, some great, some desperately in need of improvement but I do try, my very best, to live the words I speak, to embody the truth I share and to be the change, I am so very much hoping for. 
I’m on a mission to share the information that changed my life.
The life of my beautiful daughter,
inspired this blog.
Share with me in my journey into in motherhood, holistic living, breastfeeding, my commitment to healthy eating, my passion for yoga, my devotion to God, and my love for writing and photography.

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  1. This is amazing Paulee!!! Happy for you:) Even though I’m not a mom myself … This still is very interesting…A couple girls I work with are very TRue to this type of lifestyle !!! I am definatly going to tell them to check it out!!!! Good Luck….Kim Hart

    • Kim! Thank you so very much for taking the time out to read and support!! Yes, please share the site to whomever you like, just getting started and I truly appreciate the it!:D
      I’m going to write a little bit about everything pertaining to living holistically,health. I know you’ve always been into health and fitness so keep on reading, they’ll be more of it! 😀 xoxo

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