Love Whatever Gets in the Way



Whatever gets in the way of your desires, your expectations, your plans, your peace, your happiness— love it. If it stands there without budging, as strong as you, as stubborn as you— let it. If its defenses come up, kicking and screaming, fighting back at you—
show it kindness. If it stops you, momentarily, from achieving whatever it is you are set out to achieve—forgive it.

If it breaks apart the picture you had of how your life was suppose to turn out—
trust it. If it keeps coming back, revealing itself to you in your life, your dreams, your thoughts, your heart— accept it.

Love whatever gets in the way.

Don’t blame it. Don’t make it responsible. Love it from a place of purity, a place of selflessness that doesn’t expect anything from it in return. Love whatever you feel is stopping you from becoming who you want to become. Love it with all of your heart.

Let it know you are not angry with it,
or jealous of it,
bitter or broken by it.
You are better,
you are stronger,
you are wiser
because of it.

Love it because it shows you,
exactly, where you need to love
the very most.Don’t hold it accountable.
Don’t single it out as a mistake, a problem,
or something that needs to be fixed.
Don’t glorify it. Don’t give it too much power.
Don’t make it your enemy.
Don’t feed it with negative thoughts
and emotions.

Just love it. Love it away, love it back
to where it came from. Love it until it melts
into the cells of your being.
Let it mold the part of you
that it is meant to shape.
Love it through your fear
and judgement,
through your opinions
and perceptions of it.
Love it, despite it feeling,
like it is meant
to hurt you—it isn’t.
Love it, though
it might hurt you—it may.
Love it, until it can’t hurt you—it can’t.

Love it through and through.It is there, she is there,
he is there because they are meant to remind you
to keep moving inward. Everything is created to open you
to your light. So, if it begins to shift or change your direction,
your beliefs, your heart, your purpose— let it. Trust it.
Everything is here to bring us back
to our true nature. Every time we get lost
in the forward momentum,
the insensible pace of life,
all those obstacles
come rolling in, bringing us pain,
dragging us through the dirt,
taking us through the storm,
opening our wounds,
our eyes, reminding us—
be still, be here, be present.

Love it all, until it brings you back to that place where the world
falls away at your feet, where life pushes you out and God pulls you back in,
where nothing else matters but the strength of that love
and the decision you make to choose that love over everything else.
Trust in the process. Do not stand in the way of the process.
It’s perfect. It will always bring you home.