Sweet Signs



Spirits, they say, connect with us through symbols and metaphorical language that, usually, can only be understood and interpreted by those who are on the receiving end of the message while the medium serves as a conduit, an open, clear channel through which the message comes.

Feeling a bit disconnected last week, I decided to speak with a medium for some insight. We began with no history or background disclosed. The first thing she asked me, completely unprompted and unsure of how to even spell the word, was “What does ‘Catch-a-tour-ee’  mean?” as she attempted to phonetically sound out what she was receiving. An unfamiliar word that meant nothing to her but everything to me.

Every year, at this time, since my Grandpa passed in February of 2009, I make the vegan version of an Italian dish called chicken cacciatore (catch-a-tour-ee), minus the chicken. Growing up it was my favorite.

The gravy, as he called it, simmering in the pan always brings me back to my grandpa’s kitchen, his 6 foot frame bent over the stove, the smell and taste of his love bubbling. For him, cooking was connecting. And he taught me so much about eating healthy, whole foods.

Spiritual symbols.
Sweet signs.
Cacciatore. That’s ours.

It was my grandpa’s way of letting me know that he is here, he is with me. And when world feels so heavy and weighted, it is a miracle to be able to connect with the souls of our deceased loved ones and to be reminded that we are light.

We are eternal.