Perfection or Peace?



Of what purpose these postures and of what use our bodies if we are not breathing into them?

I was just thinking of how I haven’t taken any yoga pictures because my life has been too busy to shoot, angle, and edit anything worth sharing. I felt a bit badly about it like I was not ‘keeping up’ (and even more stress crept in through the back door as I felt shame for why I would even have such a feeling) but then I thought….
who gives a f*** .

My practice is not always post worthy, but it does give me what I need and what others need from me. It gets me through stressful times like these past few weeks. It calls me to seek out my own truth and pushes me to dig deeper. Sometimes my practice is magical, a wind in your hair type flow that I wish I had the opportunity to video or take a picture of, other times I’m slumped on my mat like a slug trying to get going.

When I first entered into the IG world of yoga, I was enamored but like all first loves, the novelty quickly wore off. I was tired of seeing the ‘mastery’ of yoga postures, falsely representing and giving the illusion of the mastery of yoga itself, which by the way has very little to do with how straight your handstand is.

I asked myself one day, as I sat in front of my computer scrolling through a feed of yogi superstars, star struck and envious while stopping to pause at one of the deepest back bends I had ever seen…
What the heck am I practicing for…to have the best asana?
Do I want perfection or peace?
As the asanas crumble, which they will,
the latter endures.

So long as we practice with the intention to go beyond our egoic desires, to evolve not just in a physical sense but spiritually as well, peace comes.

“Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony.” – Yehudi Menuhin

How do we resonate with others, as teachers and as practitioners, through our practice or our pictures?
What do these pictures embody truth or illusion?Goals within our practice are beautiful and inspiring but the work, the surrender in the poses themselves are where the true inspiration lies. And oh, how they inspire. As a writer, as an artist, these very words and much of what I write come after my practice, whether it be in movement or in stillness. And I know I’m not the only one who uses a daily practice to get the creative juices flowing and pouring into all the desiccated areas of our lives in need of some nourishment.

So as my obsession with IG yoga is coming to end, documenting my practice is not. I do think sharing something learned, something felt, something authentic and real from what these poses reveal to us is ALWAYS worth sharing.
So do less yoga. Live your yoga.
Something, I too am learning along the way.
Share yoga in all its complexity.
Share the months of confusion before the mere moments of clarity. 
Share the path, the detours, the break downs and break throughs.
Share more than a snap shot of poise and grace.
Share the story behind the pose, the person behind the lens.
Share the process. Share it all. Love it all.